IP Lighting Pro



The Power of Light: Perfectly equipped for modern light-curing resins.
The new all-round light-curing unit IP Lighting Pro with modern LED technology.

Homogeneous. Efficient. Fast. The latest generation of light curing with high-end LED technology for optimal 3-in-1 curing of veneering composites, 3D printing materials and tray materials.

Ultra-wide wave spectrum
The IP Lighting Pro is ideally equipped for modern light-curing resins in the dental industry and convinces with perfect interaction of UV, blue and daylight LEDs with a wide light wave spectrum of 380 - 650 nm.

All-round light curing
No light-curing material remains liquid under the multi-wavelength light beams of the IP Lighting Pro - whether 3D printing, veneering or tray materials, the Lighting Pro delivers an optimal polymerisation result. Intensive research of the light-curing resin market and direct cooperation with master laboratories make the IP Lighting Pro the all-round light-curing unit in dental technology.

Efficiency & depth irradiation
The 48 powerful LED chips with their high efficiency ensure deep penetration into the material and shorten the curing time by up to 50% compared to conventional light curing units with fluorescent lamps or xenon halogen. Not only is the curing time optimised, but energy costs are also significantly reduced. Furthermore, additional costs for replacement fluorescent materials are virtually eliminated. The LED chips guarantee a significantly longer service life compared to halogen, xenon or fluorescent lamps. Thus, with this first-class LED technology, efficiency, sustainability and reliability are in harmony.

Mirrored stainless steel chamber & intelligent cooling system
The large stainless-steel polymerisation chamber with 160 mm transparent turntable offers sufficient space for positioning several workpieces and, together with the optimally positioned LED modules, ensures uniform and homogeneous light curing. In addition, the thermal energy of the installed daylight at approx. 40°C provides an additional and gentle curing boost without overheating the materials. The integrated cooling system with intelligent air circulation protects the high-performance LEDs and ensures an optimum temperature in the curing chamber that is gentle on the materials.

The curing time can be easily set in minutes and seconds and is therefore universally adjustable for different plastics. Approximate polymerisation times: Tray materials (40-90 sec), composites (2-3 min), 3D printing materials (3-5 minutes).


  • IP Lighting Flask (Tender Flask)
Emission spectrum
L x W x H
380-650 nm
48x LEDs
115 W
230/110 V; 50 Hz
10 KG